November 11, 2013

Djangodash 2013: checked!

Last year we created, a tool for learning django. This year Sebastián Nogara and Pablo Ricco created DjangoBoot, a useful tool for searching and reviewing projects, apps and cookiecutter templates.


We love the django philosophy of suggesting a way of organizing the code, but not imposing a structure. As a developer you have the freedom of deciding where to put your packages, settings files or templates.

We found that there are really good ideas around about how to organize the code, so why not having a place where all those ideas are found and developers can review them and use? Well, there it is: DjangoBoot.

How it works?

Whenever you need to start a project or app from scratch, try setting up your environment according to your convenience and then package folders and setting files into a template, so you can share it with other developers. We propose Djangoboot as the tool to use when you want to share it with the Django community. It will be reviewed by other people and luckily reused a lot.

  • Djangoboot home
  • Djangoboot search
  • Djangoboot


We loved participating one more time in this competition. We have a lot of fun coding Django tools for the community, we hope they become useful and popular so we would know effectively that we are doing the right things.

"Djangodash 2013: checked!" by Sebastián Sassi is licensed under CC BY SA. Source code examples are licensed under MIT. Categorized under community, django and open source.

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