March 12, 2013

Node.js Knockout 2013: Has science gone too far?

It wasn't GIF all by itself, but together with 6 other different technologies (Node.js, Redis, WebRTC, websockets, webworkers and the HTML5 canvas) that brought webcam streaming to a new level of compatibility.


The team, consisting of Eduardo Veiga, Pablo Ricco and I Sebastián Nogara, developed MacGifer, a tool allowing you to broadcast yourself over GIF directly to Internet Explorer 6.0 clients.

gifsockets proved that real-time communication using GIF was possible, gif.js proved that encoding GIF in the browser was possible, WebRTC makes it possible to capture a video source. It had to be done.

Since all possible ridiculous projects are likely to be done sooner or later, someone, somewhere, would have done this eventually.

MacGifer got the 24th place out of more than a hundred projects (Completeness 11th, Innovation 15th, Utility/fun 29th, Design 43th).

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"Node.js Knockout 2013: Has science gone too far?" by Sebastián Nogara is licensed under CC BY SA. Source code examples are licensed under MIT. Categorized under hackathons.

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