December 2, 2013

PyCon Uruguay 2013: Renewing the commitment

Last 1st and 2nd November, Sophilabs sponsored the PyCon Uruguay 2013, the second edition of a Python Conference that is currently being hosted on more than 40 countries.

It was a great pleasure for us to help the Uruguayan Python Community achieve the possibility of having a conference where pythonistas from all over the world meet together to learn, share ideas and have a lot of fun.

This year the registration was free (again, amazing!) and 200+ people attended talks from different topics: django, scrapy, hadoop, pyton-social-auth, PyQT, Ninja IDE, Sugar, Caching, among others. We were delighted by different speakers like Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Pablo Hoffman, Diego Sarmentero, Matías Aguirre, Daniel Francis, Hannes Hapke and many more.

Sophilabs also draw original t-shirts with superheroes logos and 2 raspberry pi to those participants who complete a python quiz.

PyCon Uruguay 2013 T-Shirts
PyCon Uruguay 2013 T-Shirts

Thanks very much to the organizers, sponsors and speakers for making this conference possible, the Python community is becoming stronger and adding believers year by year.

"PyCon Uruguay 2013: Renewing the commitment" by Sebastián Sassi is licensed under CC BY SA. Source code examples are licensed under MIT. Categorized under community.

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