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How to Choose the Right Software Company

It can be a challenge to find the right software development company. Whether you need a few extra hands to handle the workload in your development team or you need help with the entire development process, there are thousands of companies all over the world offering custom software development services. How do you choose the right software company for your needs?

Here are what we consider the top 10 things to consider when looking for a reliable and trustworthy software development partner:


  • Case Study: How we converted the expectations of 30+ stakeholders into a unified product vision and roadmap

    We recently conducted an on-site Product Inception at Agmen's headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California. In this workshop, not only did we create a unified vision of the product, but we also discovered that a bulk of the planned work not necessary for a successful product. Instances like these are why we champion Product Inceptions as a method of saving time and resources.

  • How to use Machine Learning for Sentiment Analysis with Word Embeddings

    Machine learning researchers have already attempted automatically predicting the sentiment of a sentence with machine learning many times. Predicting sentiment is a typical problem of NLP (Natural Language Process) and there are many papers and techniques that address it using different methods of machine learning.

  • Stakeholder Analysis: Another Key Piece of Product Inception for Building a Successful Software Product

    In the second installment of the Product Inception Series, we will explore Stakeholders and the various techniques we use to conduct a thorough Stakeholder Analysis, including The Product Vision Board, Stakeholder Mapping, and Trade-Off Sliders. Stakeholders are crucial in any software product's development. The only way to make sure that we are building a product that is relevant and valuable is to engage our Stakeholders and understand why they may be interested in the product and bring them into the process. Read on to find our more about our top Stakeholder Analysis Techniques.

  • Product Vision Board: the First Step to Discovering a Successful Software Product through Product Inception

    In the first installment of the Product Inception Series, we will explore Product Vision and, more specifically, the Product Vision Board. This is the first step we always take during the Product Inception phase, because the Product Vision should guide every other decision we make about the product. Read on to find our more about defining your product vision and successfully completing the Product Vision Board and start the Product Inception phase off on the right foot.

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