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Hello sophilabs, welcome to NYC!

We are thrilled to announce that sophilabs has expanded to Brooklyn, NY! Our new office is located in a popular co-working space in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn and is home base to a small group of developers who have joined the sophilabs team.

We have always been thinking of expanding to the United States in order to get closer to our clients, so we are very excited about the expansion. The new location will aid us in our mission to continue providing excellent service to our customers and delivering high quality software.

  • Building Blocks of an Agile Transformation: Develop & Execute a Framework of Small, Continuous Improvements

    In our first blog entry about 'Planning your Journey' from the 'Building Blocks of an Agile Transformation series, we introduced concepts and elaborated explanations key to Agile philosophy: its core values, principles overview, brief history and most importantly, how being Agile fits within a 'Continuous Improvement' mindset.

  • Node.js Pull Request Merge Prediction using Machine Learning

    In this article I will explain a simple use of Machine Learning (ML) to predict if it is possible to accurately predict whether a Pull Request (PR) will be accepted when it is created. The aim of this experiment is to generate a reliable program which can aid a Project integrator in managing PRs for a particular project. Considering nowadays large software projects have a constant flow of new PRs, this work explores a replicable model to help filter out unwanted Pull Requests as soon as possible.

  • Why DjangoGirls?

    We often find ourselves asking why women are so scarce in the Engineering field, or why 97% of the résumés that we receive every month come from men. We immediately think ...

  • Elixir: An OTP walkthrough

    In the next series of posts, we'll be talking about what OTP is, and explain one of the biggest advantages of using it to help struct your code, eliminate boilerplate, hot swapping your code, supervise your applications, and many more by using the famous OTP framework.

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