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Officevibe at Sophilabs: How Checking the Pulse of Our Company Culture Helps Us Maximize Motivation and Engagement

It's important to us that our company culture is thriving and that our team members feel aligned with our values and motivated by our purpose. We want to ensure that our team members are learning and growing within sophilabs, that they have the resources they need to do their work, and that they feel valued by their team and the company. But how can we get sincere feedback on how our team members feel about these issues and other crucial aspects of our work environment and company culture?

The statistics show that most employees consider traditional employee satisfaction surveys to be a waste of time, and there are legitimate reasons for that attitude. Annual surveys (the most common way to gather employee feedback) tend to only reflect the cultural temperature at the moment the survey was taken, rather a complete picture of the past year. Participation rates are low given that employees often abandon surveys that take more than eight minutes to complete, and this further deteriorates the quality of the data.

In addition, the time it takes to compile and analyze annual surveys causes an inevitable delay in addressing any areas that need improvement. Sometimes, by the time managers identify problem areas, it may be too late to act on them in a meaningful way. This lack of action from management contributes to employees perceiving the surveys as pointless, which results in lower participation and lower quality data in future surveys. Quarterly surveys fare slightly better with these issues, but often fail to yield results that truly help increase employee engagement.

Fortunately, Officevibe is doing great work helping companies tackle these problems. In this post, we'll delve into how we use Officevibe's pulse surveys to gauge the health of our company culture, continuously improve ourselves, and ensure that sophilabs is a fantastic place to work.

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