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How to Write a Compelling Cover Letter

When applying to a job, every candidate wants their application to stand out and increase their chances of getting an interview. Other than submitting a top-notch resume, though, how can you spark the interest of a potential employer? A well-written cover letter gives you a significant advantage and can even boost your application to the top of the pile. At sophilabs we've seen how a cover letter can help a candidate's strengths shine. In this post we'll share our guide to composing a solid cover letter that will act as the perfect complement to your resume and complete your competitive application.

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a formal letter in which you provide more details about your qualifications and experience and explain why you would perform well in the job you are applying to. You don't want to simply repeat what's listed on your resume, though. The purpose of a cover letter is to talk about specific experiences that have prepared you to meet the particular requirements of the open position.

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