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How We Do Code Reviews

We pride ourselves on exceeding customers' expectations by delivering state-of-the-art web and mobile apps that users love. Thorough code reviews are an important part of how we achieve that, as they allow us to ensure we're writing well-structured and maintainable code.

Though we practice continuous integration and regularly run automatic tests, human eyes are still crucial to making sure our code is of high quality and functions well. That's why code reviews are baked into our development process at sophilabs. We don't merge any new code into the main development branch until at least one other teammate has checked it over and we've made any necessary changes. In this post, we'll explain our approach to code reviews and walk through our process step by step.

Step One: Create a Pull Request

Whenever one of our developers finishes writing code for a particular functionality, they create a pull request (if they're using GitHub) or a merge request (if they're using GitLab) and assign this piece of code to a teammate to check over.

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