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What is Elasticsearch, and How Can Your Business Leverage It?

In recent years, the importance of efficiently storing, analyzing, and managing your data is a high priority in most businesses. Some of the most important tech companies nowadays reached that level of success because they prioritized data management. However, machine learning algorithms and all the benefits that these technologies can bring to your company (which we explained in greater detail in a previous post) require an input of a considerable amount of data.

The best approach to storing your data depends on several factors. Traditional SQL databases, such as PostgreSQL (postgres) or MySQL, are a good option for storing structured data. The main advantage of this kind of database is that you have mechanisms to guarantee the quality and consistency of your data, allowing you to model complex relationships between objects. This advantage is the reason behind their popularity and is why they are currently used by most systems.

However, when we are talking about storing and searching for information in big datasets of unstructured texts, such as users reviews, complaints emails or logs of user activity, these databases are not the best option. The performance of searching over text in SQL databases is usually slow, and sometimes it is difficult to include linguistic concepts such as synonyms, stop words, etc.

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