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Case Study: How we converted the expectations of 30+ stakeholders into a unified product vision and roadmap

At sophilabs, we ensure all stakeholders are aligned from the start, and that everyone involved with the product is aware of its scope and feasibility. This is essential to the project’s success as it correctly sets expectations and allows the Product Owner to have a much better sense of how to manage the Product Backlog properly.

We recently conducted an on-site Product Inception at Agmen's headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California. In this workshop, not only did we create a unified vision of the product, but we also discovered that a bulk of the planned work not necessary for a successful product. Instances like these are why we champion Product Inceptions as a method of saving time and resources.

We gathered over 30 different stakeholders from varying backgrounds, and used some of our favorite techniques to discover key concepts that were crucial to define before development began. These included:

  • Product Vision Board
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Trade-off Sliders
  • Stakeholders Analysis
  • Personas Analysis - User Personas
  • Epic Story Mapping
  • Mockups
  • Product Backlog Creation
  • Sizing
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