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Finding User-Focused Solutions: Website Accessibility and Smalls Jazz Club

User-centered web design and development focuses on users' needs and considers decisions about the product from their perspective. This includes building websites that users with disabilities can easily navigate to achieve their desired outcome. When one of our current clients, Smalls Jazz Club, approached us about helping them make their website more accessible to users with disabilities, we were excited to dive in and get to work.

About the Client

Located in Greenwich Village in New York City, Smalls Jazz Club hosts live jazz performances every night of the week. (Because of COVID-19, they are currently hosting performances for an empty house and live streaming them – you can read more about it in the New York Times). In addition to live streaming their shows, their website contains information about upcoming performances, an online store to purchase Smalls merchandise and music by featured musicians, and an archive of audio and video recordings of past performances, which are available to subscribers. Our challenge was to ensure that all of these features are accessible to users with disabilities and compatible with assistive technologies such as screen readers.

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