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Sophilabs Hosts Robocode Montevideo

This week, Robocode Montevideo held its very first meetup at sophilabs' office in Montevideo. Robocode is a programming game in which players develop robots in Java or .NET and have them battle each other on screen in real time. Bearing the motto, "Build the best – destroy the rest!", Robocode provides a fun way for developers to learn, collaborate, and build community. We were happy to host the first gathering of this Meetup group and help them have a successful kickoff.

  • Sophilabs at the 2019 Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo

    In October, Project Manager Peter Distol attended the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo in Orlando, Florida. This conference featured a range of fantastic speakers and allowed us to learn a lot about the needs of enterprises interested in digital transformation.

  • What We Learned At VOICE Summit 2019

    We attended the world's largest voice tech conference and gained valuable insights about trends, opportunities, and best practices in this emerging field.

  • Sophilabs at Collision 2019

    In May, we had the opportunity to attend Collision, "the fastest growing tech conference in North America," where we showcased an enterprise voice assistant developed by our team.

  • Django Girls Montevideo: Working to Close the Gender Gap in Software Development

    We often find ourselves asking why women are so scarce in engineering, or why 97% of the resumes we receive come from men. In launching Django Girls Montevideo, we strive to do our part to contribute to gender equality in tech.

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