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Contributing to the Developer Community: Sophilabs at JSConf Uruguay 2015

At sophilabs, it's important to us to be active members of the developer community by both constantly learning new things and sharing our knowledge and resources. In 2015, sophilabs co-founder Pablo Ricco created a JSConf event in Montevideo, Uruguay, which sophilabs co-organized alongside other event sponsors. It was a well-attended, successful conference, and it was exciting to hear about many of the awesome innovations happening in JavaScript.

About JSConf

JSConf is a loose federation of volunteers that guide local event organizers in putting together their own conference centered around JavaScript development. JSConf believes in "pushing the boundaries of what is thought to be conceivable with JavaScript and providing exceptional, human social activities that encourage community and friendship-building." As JSConf events are run using a "franchise" model, every JSConf has its own local feel while sharing the mission "to make the technology community better, more diverse, and more human."

  • JSConf Uruguay 2014

    Some time ago the Sophilabs team started to think about the possibility of carrying out the first JSConfUY in Uruguay. That idea became our aim in 2013, after noticing huge interest in the Javascript Meetups. We looked for people who would like to take part of the JSConfUY Organizers ,and thanks to Guillermo Rauch and Chris Williams, we got approval to organize the first JSConf event in Uruguay. Then, we started thinking big.

  • PyCon Uruguay 2013: Renewing the commitment

    Last 1st and 2nd November, Sophilabs sponsored the PyCon Uruguay 2013, the second edition of a Python Conference that is currently being hosted on more than 40 countries.

  • Djangodash 2013: checked!

    The Sophilabs team participated one more time in the DjangoDash competition the last 28th and 29th September. In this edition 53 teams participated and we got the **9th place**.

  • The Javascript Meetups arrived in Uruguay

    The first JS Meetup organized in Uruguay took place in the Universidad Católica del Uruguay last 6th December 2012.

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