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Djangodash 2013: checked!

Last year we created TryBox.com, a tool for learning django. This year Sebastián Nogara and Pablo Ricco created DjangoBoot, a useful tool for searching and reviewing projects, apps and cookiecutter templates.


We love the django philosophy of suggesting a way of organizing the code, but not imposing a structure. As a developer you have the freedom of deciding where to put your packages, settings files or templates.

We found that there are really good ideas around about how to organize the code, so why not having a place where all those ideas are found and developers can review them and use? Well, there it is: DjangoBoot.

  • The Javascript Meetups arrived in Uruguay

    The first JS Meetup organized in Uruguay took place in the Universidad Católica del Uruguay last 6th December 2012.

  • The first PyCon in Uruguay

    Sophilabs is proud of being one of the sponsors of the first PyCon Event in Uruguay that took place on November 10th-11th 2012 in LATU, Montevideo. Sophilabs participated as sponsor of the Conference, and some team members helped on the organization and site’s construction. Pablo Ricco helped developing the website that can be found on PyConUy, Martin Prunell helped on the organization and Sebastian Sassi gave a talk about how to isolate Development Environments.

  • Our first DjangoDash: Try-Box

    A truly interactive Python and Django Tutorial.

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