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Django Girls Montevideo: Working to Close the Gender Gap in Software Development

We often ask ourselves why women are so scarce in engineering, or why 97% of the resumes that we receive every month come from men. We immediately think of all the components that mold us that treat males and females differently: education, marketing, the entertainment industry, even the toys we give our girls. All of this seems insurmountable, and it's easy to give up.

But it’s worth taking a look at what we can do to change those statistics, as small as our actions may seem, in order to form a more inclusive work environment. If all we do is sit quietly and complain to ourselves, we are only contributing to the problem. It’s crucial that we create spaces exclusively for women, not out of courtesy, but because of the great things women can bring to the table if given the opportunity.

  • Control Django DB Performance using django-test-query-counter

    A library is introduced in this post to help maintain the database performance in Django Apps through testing.. It works by measuring queries run during unit tests, and also by offering by a command that compares test query counts from two different tests runs and provides detailed query information such as stacktraces. It aims to detect possible Database performance issues as soon as possible.

  • The castable model mixin

    If you've ever used multi-table inheritance in Django, chances are that you wrote several queries for your parent model but at the time of processing each instance you wished you could have "casted" it to proper child model. Maybe you even wrote some code to handle it. We've been there as well and here we'll show you our approach to tackle this particular issue.

  • SQL Window Functions in Django

    Window functions can be seen as close relatives to our well-known aggregate functions. They perform a calculation over a set of rows and return a single value. Unlike aggregate functions, they do not group the input rows into a single output row, thus keeping the original information intact.

  • qurl: A django template tag to modify url's query string

    In search pages is common to show filters, pagination and other useful links around the results. So for that reason we wrote the qurl template tag to append, remove, replace or alter query string parameters.

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