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Elixir: An OTP walkthrough


In the next series of posts, we'll be talking about what OTP is, and explain one of the biggest advantages of using it to help struct your code, eliminate boilerplate, hot swapping your code, supervise your applications, and many more by using the famous OTP framework. So, let's get started.

A little Disclaimer, in order to follow this series of posts we are assuming that you have erlang and elixir installed with their development environments, if not, you can go and do so right here.

What's OTP?

OTP stands for Open Telecom Platform , the platform emerged from an awesome group of four developers working for ERICSSON, a telecom company in Stockholm, Sweden. But the full name is kind of "hardcoded", because while is true that OTP was made to solve telephones exchanges and switches, it also resolves generics problems that we face now days on web development, so OTP is a general-purpose tool to manage large application now, and everyone just called it by his acronym: OTP.

  • Asap: Slack command to notify about things as soon as possible

    Slack ASAP is a Slack Slash Command we use at Sophilabs to notify our coworkers about things as soon as possible. The command will send the contact SMS messages, emails and Slack private messages. It can be configured to add more notifiers, or even remove them.

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