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Why DjangoGirls?

We often find ourselves asking why women are so scarce in the Engineering field, or why 97% of the résumés that we receive every month come from men. We immediately think of all the components that seem to make up the “factory” that molds us; these components being schools, marketing, art, and the toys we give our girls… All of this seems insurmountable, and we give up.

But it’s worth taking a look at what we can do to change those statistics right from where we are, as insignificant as it may seem, in order to form a more inclusive work environment. If all we do is sit quietly and complain to ourselves, we are only helping to continue the cycle.

It’s crucial that we open spaces exclusively for women that help us to get ahead, not out of courtesy but rather because of our abilities.

  • Why OKRs at sophilabs?

    At Sophilabs, we believe in growth from the inside out. By strengthening each person, we strengthen the whole team. The best teams (with fun, creative, and involved people) are able to achieve excellent quality and, even better, feel proud of their work.

  • With more space but more united

    Sophilabs has new venue. At just two years after the birth of Sophilabs we are proud to open the doors of this house, whose infrastructure is in continuous improvement to reproduce our core values: Teamwork, Friendship, Quality, Transparency, Passion & Commitment.

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