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Continuous Improvement at Sophilabs

Delivering excellent service to clients is at the core of our purpose, and continuously improving our performance is central to achieving that. We constantly reflect on what we can do better as a team and as individuals. Providing and receiving regular feedback is an important way to encourage our team members (and ourselves) to learn and grow.

At sophilabs we decided to eschew traditional evaluation methods and develop an effective process for giving genuinely helpful feedback. Continuous Improvement is our approach to identifying both strengths and weaknesses and creating clear action points to facilitate growth. It's our ongoing effort to be the best version of ourselves.

What's wrong with an annual review?

The most widely-used traditional method of giving feedback – the annual review – often has a negative impact on company culture and the mindset of individual team members. Centering the feedback process on one big evaluation causes team members to focus on external rewards rather than on learning for its own sake, diminishing their intrinsic motivation and the authenticity of their efforts. This is detrimental to team members' creativity and innovation, and it erodes their sense of purpose. In addition, the looming annual review tends to instill fear rather than enthusiasm.

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