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How to Choose the Right Software Company

It can be a challenge to find the right software development company. Whether you need a few extra hands to handle the workload in your development team or you need help with the entire development process, there are thousands of companies all over the world offering custom software development services. How do you choose the right software company for your needs?

Here are what we consider the top 10 things to consider when looking for a reliable and trustworthy software development partner:


  • How to use Machine Learning for Sentiment Analysis with Word Embeddings

    Machine learning researchers have already attempted automatically predicting the sentiment of a sentence with machine learning many times. Predicting sentiment is a typical problem of NLP (Natural Language Process) and there are many papers and techniques that address it using different methods of machine learning.

  • Building Blocks of an Agile Transformation: Develop & Execute a Framework of Small, Continuous Improvements

    In our first blog entry about 'Planning your Journey' from the 'Building Blocks of an Agile Transformation series, we introduced concepts and elaborated explanations key to Agile philosophy: its core values, principles overview, brief history and most importantly, how being Agile fits within a 'Continuous Improvement' mindset.

  • Node.js Pull Request Merge Prediction using Machine Learning

    In this article I will explain a simple use of Machine Learning (ML) to predict if it is possible to accurately predict whether a Pull Request (PR) will be accepted when it is created. The aim of this experiment is to generate a reliable program which can aid a Project integrator in managing PRs for a particular project. Considering nowadays large software projects have a constant flow of new PRs, this work explores a replicable model to help filter out unwanted Pull Requests as soon as possible.

  • Elixir: An OTP walkthrough

    In the next series of posts, we'll be talking about what OTP is, and explain one of the biggest advantages of using it to help struct your code, eliminate boilerplate, hot swapping your code, supervise your applications, and many more by using the famous OTP framework.

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