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Our hiring process

We have designed an agile and effective screening process which helps us identify the best talents. We look for passionate people who want to impact the world through amazing software creations, always aware of how important it is to be a committed team player.

Sophilabs' screening process

Phone Screen ~15m - 1st week

The screening process starts with an interview where we observe and analyze the candidate’s language, his personality, attitude and English communication skills, focusing on his character strengths.

During this interview, we make sure that the person understands and shares our core values, demonstrating drive and commitment to become part of a team that pursues a common goal.

Phone Interview ~45m - 2nd week

During this phase, we make sure that the candidate has the abilities and knowledge necessary to create top-quality software. We measure problem-solving abilities through specific tests, technical knowledge through various assessments, and programming skills through a live coding session. We like to talk about design process, architecting systems, and writing code, which is exactly what we do for work every day.

On-site Interview ~120m - 3rd week

During the last phase, the candidate will meet the team who will evaluate him using situational interview questions.

If the team is happy with the answers, the candidate will have a final interview with one of the company’s directors.

In order to be hired, the candidate must get a unanimous "yes" from all the teammates he interacted with.

Our benefits and environment

We like to build up teams by generating strong, long-term relationships.

In order to accomplish that, we build win-win ecosystems, always working to generate a better place to work.

  • Technical courses
    Technical courses
  • Competitive salary
    Competitive salary
  • Flexibility
  • Friday tech talk
    Friday tech talk & lunch
  • English classes
    English classes
  • Open source
    Open Source
  • Clients in US and UK
    Clients in us & uk
  • Meetups and conferences
    Meetups & conferences
  • MacBook Pro
    MacBook Pro
  • Open office
    Open office
  • Snacks
  • Self development
    Self development
  • Cutting edge technologies
    Cutting edge technologies
  • Research and Innnotavion days
    R & I days
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Open positions

We have always room for talented, passionate and conscious people. So if you feel like you fit this description, don’t bother searching for an open position, just apply!

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