We create robust and secure architectures that support ever-growing systems, no matter what language we use. Our experience and confidence in our technology stack make us the right choice to develop your product.

Client-Driven Solutions

The client always comes first. Our solutions are client-driven, meaning we focus on the technology stack that is right for your project. Not sure what your product needs? Get in touch, and we can help you choose the best options to optimize functionality.

Focused on Expertise

There are a lot of programming languages out there, but we have our favorites. At sophilabs, we prefer to do a few things and do them well, so you know you're always working with expert developers who understand their technology stack inside and out.

Quality Comes First

Quality code performs better and is more cost-effective in the long run. We believe in doing it right the first time, because a great product is the sum of perfectly well-thought-out details. No matter what technology we work in, quality assurance and maintaining clean code are always at the top of our minds.


As the cornerstone of our tech stack, Python is an extremely versatile technology that allows us to develop even highly complex products in the most cost-effective way.


The Django framework facilitates rapid Python development and lets us spend more time focusing on the unique aspects of your product that bring the most business value.


With React on the frontend, we build visually elegant user interfaces that seamlessly update in real-time and perform exactly as expected.

Elixir & Phoenix

We harness the speed of Elixir to build fault-tolerant and highly responsive applications that are scalable and ready to grow with you, never sacrificing speed or performance.


Node.js can be the perfect solution for writing non-blocking IO APIs. Our experienced Javascript developers execute scalable backend systems using Node.js for anything from real-time notifications to secure web services.

React Native

We highly recommend building your mobile app with React Native, which allows us to craft an optimal user experience and to cover both iOS and Android all while getting the most out of your budget.

“At one point there was so much complexity the problem looked intractable. However, the architecture and design choices that sophilabs made at the outset really paid off handsomely” Arvindra Sehmi Arvindra Sehmi - CIO - Oxford Economics
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We are very meticulous about how we work and have spent years perfecting our development process.
Our Process

Technology Stack

Check out the technologies we work with most often.

  • Django
  • Django REST Framework
    Django REST Framework
  • Celery
  • PostgreSQL
  • Mandrill
  • AWS
    Amazon Web Services
  • libVLC
  • Chromium Embedded Framework
    Chromium Embedded Framework
Timezone Convenience
We're located in a strategic timezone, EST+1, which allows us to work remotely with US teams during normal working hours.
We often visit our customers to plan together and build strong relationships.
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