ETL / AnalyticsHarness the power of your data.

Our data engineers are experienced in ETL and analytics and can help you truly take advantage of what your data has to offer.

What is etl? Putting everything in one place

Today, companies are constantly receiving data in many different formats and from a wide range of sources. ETL makes it possible to integrate and visualize all of that data in order to make strategic business choices.

  • Angular
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Django
  • Docker
  • Node
  • Python
  • React
  • Swift
  • Tensorflow

Leverage your data,
build smarter apps.

With all your data from multiple sources integrated within one secure, flexible, and scalable structure, there is endless potential to build applications that tap into rich, newly available insights.

  • Extract

    We gather your data from all the different sources your company works with, from your website to your CRM to social media.

  • Transform

    We adapt the data to the right format so that it will be legible and useful once we store it all in one place.

  • Load

    We put the data in a central warehouse, where it can then be visualized and used to create powerful apps.

  • Amgen - FrankieAmgen - FrankieAmgen - Frankie
  • CareerVillage
  • Customer Story

    This industry leader in biochemistry needed an app that would help their sales reps increase productivity.

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    We created a conversational sales assistant that enables access to all data in one platform so that sales reps can find important customer and product information with a simple spoken question. This mobile app also uses machine learning to automate tasks.


  • Customer Story
    Oxford Economics

    This global advisory firm needed a way to analyze user behavior by leveraging all of the different sources of data their company manages.

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    We built a system that collects crucial information from users at a rate of thousands per day. By tranforming this data and preparing it to be viewed in custom-built interfaces, business analysts can access all the information they need to make critical decisions.