Introduce changes by creating pull requests and assigning them to the sophilabs squad's members. You can reach them in the #squad channel. We welcome all contributions from sophilabs members.

How to contribute

There are three ways of read and therefore contribute to the guidelines

So if you edit content in one particular area of the Project's life cycle cycle you should check if the Project's checklist is updated accordingly with the new content you contributed and the other way around. The training area is smaller, but must be kept up to date respect to the other guidelines.


Feel free to contribute to this guidelines within the scope of the following best practices.

Styling Rules

  • Avoid copying content from other sources, just link it.

  • If you are going to upload code snippets, make sure that they respect the standards by running linters on it.

  • Be concise.

  • Use bullet-lists extensively.

  • Word proof your code before to avoid typos and grammar mistakes.

  • Avoid passive voice where possible.

  • Paragraphs more than 5-7 sentences may lose the reader.

  • Paragraphs of only 1-3 sentences should either be expanded or folded into another paragraph to make the paper easier to read.

  • Avoid using vague words to avoid defining terms:

    • Emphasis: Important, interesting …

    • Measurements: Very, marginally, hardly…

  • Don't tell the reader what you feel, believe, think, or hope.

  • Use the future tense rarely, the present tense occasionally, the past tense often.

  • Separate the different tenses by paragraphs, not by sentences.

  • Semi-colons should be used rarely if ever.

  • Count your commas. If you used more than 4-5 commas in a sentence, break it up into shorter sentences.