Elixir Guidelines

How to start

The Elixir official site has a good guide for getting to learn the language.

Learning Resources


The official install points out the preferred way to set up your machine to use Elixir

IDEs and code editors

Check out Elixir Editors github page and the main site (right side)

  • Emacs Mode

  • Alchemist (Emacs Elixir Tooling)

  • TextMate / Sublime Text Bundle

  • Sublime Plugin

  • Vim Elixir

  • Alchemist.vim (Vim Elixir Tooling)

  • Atom Package

  • IntelliJ Elixir

  • Visual Studio Elixir

Coding Style

Stay updated

  • Elixir Radar is a newsletter to find Elixir related stuff, handpicked by the company that created Elixir, Plataformatec

  • @elixirlang: The official Elixir tweet account

  • @chris_mccord: The creator of Phonenix Framework

  • Elixir Digest - A weekly newsletter with the latest articles on Elixir and Phoenix.

  • ElixirWeekly - The Elixir community newsletter, covering stuff you easily miss, shared on ElixirStatus and the web.

  • ElixirSlack Elixir Slack Community.