Encouraging healthier lifestyle by providing easily accessible, factual, and relevant health information is possibly the greatest potential use for technology. At sophilabs, we understand the importance of building effective user interfaces and creating well organized sources of data so that ordinary people can make informed decisions and take ownership of their health.

”They have a healthy culture of focusing on working software, not only on delivering software that meets the specs” Paul Cohen Paul Cohen - Co-Founder - Seibostudios

Extracting and Structuring Crucial Data to Ensure Patient Safety

BIKT is a database of adverse side effects from medications that helps healthcare professionals in the Swedish health system prevent harmful drug interactions. We built this API with Flask and run the frontend in React to allow healthcare workers to run quality assurance processes on a constantly changing dataset.

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Timely and Accurate Drug Information for Healthcare Professionals

Drugline is a question-and-answer database that contains information related to adverse side effects, drug interactions, drug therapy, as well as specific drug information for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. We helped the Karolinska University Hospital build a searchable online platform to house this important data so that healthcare professionals can search the database to quickly find what they need and even download the information to access later.

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