ETL / Analytics

In the era of big data, we know how important it is to gather the right data and to have it accessible when you need it. We're experts in ETL and Analytics and can help you take care of your data and use it in the most effective way.

How We Do It

We use the power of microsystems to extract data from different sources and platforms and consolidate it into a workable interface for the end user. We also have extensive experience in leveraging Amazon Web Services to build an infrastructure capable of storing all your data in a way that ensures it's always available and secure.

When working with complex databases, we first seek to understand not only the structure of the source data but also what needs to be exposed in the frontend interface. Then, we can select the right storage for the type of data that we're working with, ensuring that your data structure is flexible enough to account for:

  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Availability
  • Consistency

Read more to see a few examples of what we’ve accomplished in the past.

Analyzing User Behavior using Data Transformation

Crucial information from user data access is collected into several databases at a rate of thousands per day. This data is transformed and prepared for query using custom built interfaces that support business analysts at decision-making time. We created this functionality using Apache Spark, Python and Relational Databases on top of AWS.

Cloud Network Monitoring and Analytics

Cloudoscope was a provider of Cloud network monitoring and analytics solutions for IT solution providers delivering datacenter optimization solutions and services. Sophilabs helped by developing some of its back end functionality in Django, and storing and querying data from Apache Cassandra until Cloudscope was acquired by HP.

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