Taking advantage of concurrency.

A Modern Systems Language

The Go language was designed by Google as a modern systems language, seeking to address the deficiencies of existing systems languages without compromising speed or flexibility. Go is built with simplicity, concurrency and speed as its core principles.

Simple to Get Started, Powerful to Scale

Go is not meant to be a breakthrough in language design but rather a language that feels similar to what programmers already know and can pick up easily. It’s inspired by imperative languages such as C, C++ and Pascal but with a simpler grammar and clearer syntax. The goal: to avoid steep learning curves and collaboration problems in large teams where some people use one subset/style of the language while others use another.

We have found in Go the perfect option for productivity and maintainability when it comes to compiled languages.

Distributed by Design

Scaling your product is no issue when using Go. It's designed from scratch to natively support clustering and multi-core processors thanks to its goroutines and channels.

Open Source, and Backed by Google

While relatively new, Go has had a stable version available since 2012, is open source and is backed by Google. This means that, despite its name, it's not going anywhere. Many companies have adopted Go, and its popularity has been consistently growing since its launch.

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