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With a highly skilled team of experienced developers, we've been able to tackle some very specific challenges for clients over the years, including migrating legacy systems and working in niche languages, like C++. If you have a specific software development challenge, get in touch. We might have the expertise you're looking for.

How We Do It

When confronting legacy systems, the main challenge is to determine whether it's even convenient to migrate the platform. Some old systems still work perfectly, but it can sometimes be very difficult to find professionals who can support their languages and platforms.

At sophilabs, we combine our general computing expertise with our proficiency in new technologies to help you understand the best path for migrating your system. Generally, it is possible to even start decoupling some modules and simultaneously start building new features while staying connected to core legacy platforms until the full migration is completed, so you never have to miss a beat.

Keep reading below to see some of our success cases.

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We are very meticulous about how we work and have spent years perfecting our development process.
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Top Notch Engineering for a New Era of Delivering Economic Analysis

When we started working with Oxford Economics, their online platform was outdated and incapable of delivering content-rich and event-driven data to investors. Sophilabs set up a new platform integrating all pieces and incorporating new ways to improve the user experience.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Built on Open Source Tech

Replibit came to us with a huge yet poorly maintained codebase with several security flaws. We were able to undertand their core funcionalities in a reasonable time, and fix many of the security breaches with our expertise in Linux, C++, Python and Web interfaces.

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