We helped auth0, the cloud solution that makes identity easier, engage Python and node.js communities.

We started our relationship with Auth0 back in 2011, when we worked with co-founder Matias Woloski, on the platform’s first administrator. Later in 2012, we built the first sign on widget.

Since then, we’ve maintained close relationship with Auth0, helping them whenever they need additional development resources on any of their projects.

Auth0 provides documentation, client libraries and sample code for most common programming languages. In particular, they needed Python and node.js SDKs along with documentation and use cases.

This was a perfect opportunity for us to contribute to a great platform and to Open Source projects:



Both libraries were written from scratch, providing all documentation and use cases showing developers how to make use of Auth0 in the best way possible if they choose to integrate through Python or node.js.

Additionally, we coded the redesign of in React. Besides linking to extensive documentation and the support page shows the status of all Auth0 online services.

Support Auth0

We’ve done maintenance and added features to some of the Auth0 extensions (which were created in order to offer additional features to Auth0 Users such as authorization, exporting logs to external services, quick single-sign-on, user importing/exporting, etc.).

Some extensions and demos we’ve contributed to:

  • auth0-authorization-extension
  • auth0-delegated-administration-extension
  • auth0-logs-to-segment
  • auth0-logs-to-sumologic
  • auth0-sso-dashboard-extension
  • auth0-user-import-export-extension
  • authz-extension-automation-sample

Finally, we added intensive automated testing to the system which covers different scenarios through unit and integration tests.

Technology stack

  • Node
  • React
  • Redux
  • Python
  • AWS
    Amazon Web Services
  • Webstack
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