Dispatch Ads

Building an online platform that allows advertisers to create, monitor and manage media content to effectively reach out to and engage target audiences through strategically placed ads.

About the client

Dispatch Ads is a media content delivery platform designed for the advertising industry enabling remote multimedia content management and instant broadcasting over the Internet to screens placed at strategic locations throughout the city.

“sophilabs is the best choice for our venture, in addition to continuous development, we are offering solutions based on their experience to improve the platform functionalities” Guillermo Fernandez - Co-Founder & CEO - Dispatch Ads

The Challenge

We needed to build a web platform that advertisers could use to upload their media content and purchase screen time at selected locations.

We determined that a web application would be the best way to provide advertisers with a simple way to manage their public display screens, campaigns, products and brands as advertising sources, as well as choose schedules, physical devices and locations for their target audiences.

The main challenge was how to transfer the media content uploaded by the customer to the location and display it on schedule while allowing for additional on-screen messages on top of the content being played.

DispatchAds screenshot

Our Contribution

The sophilabs team developed a dashboard web application and a multimedia player capable of playing videos, images and web content as needed by the advertisers on screens placed throughout the city.

The Dispatch Ads dashboard offers useful tools for budgeting and targeting so that the right message can be delivered according to the desired audience.

Timelines, video length and screen sizes had to be balanced through complex algorithms to optimize display time while presenting intuitive options to the backend user.

Technology stack

  • Django
  • Django REST Framework
    Django REST Framework
  • Celery
  • PostgreSQL
  • Mandrill
  • AWS
    Amazon Web Services
  • libVLC
  • Chromium Embedded Framework
    Chromium Embedded Framework
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