5 Reasons to Use Python in Your Next Project

Gimena Aguerreberry
May 3, 2021

With many popular programming languages out there, sometimes it can be hard to decide which one is right for your web application development project. What's more, with so much competition around, many businesses face a variety of challenges. From big data security and access to data to scalability and operation efficiency, it's imperative you choose a language for your software that can help with these challenges and achieve results.

Cue Python and its vast array of features. The programming language offers its users excellent community support, access to a library and frameworks, and support for multiple programming paradigms, to name a few. With Python web quickly evolving into a global programming language, it's not hard to see why it's so popular.

If you're looking for reasons to choose Python for your next project, we've got five reasons why you should.

1) It Supports Multiple Programming Paradigms

Python software is a versatile language and supports multiple paradigms, most noticeably functional programming, procedural programming, and object-orientated programming.

One of the great things about the software is that Python developers can decide upon which approach offers the most benefits, depending on their project. For example, it has a dynamic system that allows developers to create even the most complicated software systems. It also offers automatic memory management that makes the job of a programmer ten times easier.

These capabilities are not available with older programming languages, with the majority of them taking much more time for memory allocation.

2) Tech Giants Rely on It

The programming language Python is the software behind some of the world's most renowned websites. Many large enterprises use Python applications, such as Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, YouTube, and many more. Its automatic memory management, code readability, dynamic type system and support for multiple programming paradigms make it a favorite for many tech giants.

If enterprises as big as the ones listed above use Python, it's safe to say you've got the seal of approval.

3) It's a Great Choice for Complex App Development

Python's visualization and data analysis feature is a dream for the development process. The language allows developers to visualize and present a high level of data in the most effective manner.

Choosing Python for even the most complex development projects — including scientific web, numeric, and desktop applications — will only benefit your work. What's more, using Python allows you to run the same code on different platforms without having to recompile it.

With this in mind, Python is on the same level and above as other software operating systems. It's exceptionally high-performing when it comes to the acceleration of enterprise software development. It allows you to simplify the web maintenance and overall app, providing a streamlined interactive user interface that web applications and business apps can use.

4) It's One of the Best Programming Languages for AI and ML

Python is the go-to language for artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. Its short development time, vast technology stack, community support, and multiple libraries and frameworks make the software one of the best programming languages for Machine Learning (ML) and AI.

Unlike other languages, which only offer a standard library, Python provides extensive information for your development project.

What's more, Python uses a simple syntax that allows busy data scientists to start AI developments quickly without spending time learning the programming language.

5) Its Code Is Maintainable and Readable

In comparison to other languages, Python's great advantage is its readability. With its keywords being extremely intuitive compared to other languages, developers of all levels can understand them.

The language resembles English. What's more, the software has fewer punctuation requirements, an issue that makes competing programming languages more challenging.

As well as the successful in-built functions, you can also create programs where the line of code requirement is less than other languages. The reason is that Python can shorten code and make the life of a developer much more manageable. You can also reuse Python codes multiple times, with its conciseness making the codes easier to read, edit, and maintain.

With maintainability and readability being one of the main prerogatives of Python, it helps developers translate code with better efficiency. Programmers spend a vast amount of time reading code rather than writing it, and Python ensures their code is as clean, concise, and clear as possible.

Python supports the development of vast web frameworks and generally mitigates the coding workload. Python is a go-to programming language that every developer should know.

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