Development process

We work with startups and multinational companies to develop web applications, software, services and platforms covering all the software development process phases, from initial wireframing to systems scalability and long-term support.

Development process

Lean and Agile

We adopt the Lean principles, meaning we eliminate unnecessary tasks, encourage informed decisions to be made as late as possible, and deliver as fast as possible. We empower teams to make their own decisions and develop ownership.

We also believe in agile software development, applying Scrum, Kanban and XP practices to every project.

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Our process ensures short, user-tested design and development cycles, making it easier to integrate client and customer feedback. It also allows us to quickly get back on course and build on new information.

This means you won’t waste money creating an overly complicated product only to later discover you made a mistake in the beginning or missed some opportunities along the way.


Product Inception

The main goal during this phase is to define what to do and analyze the project viability.

To do so, we will make sure that every stakeholder that has some kind of interest in the project has a vote by conducting interviews and outlining technical and business requirements.

During this phase we rely on different tools such as Elevator Pitch, Stakeholder Maps, Risk Maps, Trade off sliders and more.

Product Design

Once we’ve identified the problem and decided that the product is needed, we can begin prototyping ideas and testing assumptions during the Product Design phase.

The main goal of this phase is to ensure we are going to build the right product with the right features.

During this phase we use techniques such as Vision Boards, Personas Cards, Paper prototyping, Story Maps, MVPs among others. This phase is completed once the backlog contains enough stories and the startup requirements are fulfilled.

Read more about Product Design in our playbook.

Design & Build

During this phase we start by agreeing on a Working Manifesto, where we define roles, responsibilities, meetings and technologies.

Given a backlog containing the initial stories, a foundation of graphic design elements created during the Product Design phase and all technical requirements met, we are now able to start our first sprint planning meeting.

We commonly use 2 weeks sprints, including a retrospective meeting at the end of each sprint.

During this phase we build software using XP practices such as code reviews, unit testing and continuous delivery among others.

Read more about Development process in our playbook.

We keep our process incremental and tightly integrated with several tools, the code is analyzed with pre-commit hooks, then peer reviewed using merge requests and finally tested and validated by the CI server. Our code is always ready to be deployed. Code ready for production
Rocket launch

Product Launch

It is very important for us to use the correct release workflow. We set up Staging, RC and Production areas to ease the transition between the different phases, keeping everything fully tested with continuous integration and automated validations so there is less room for human error.

When the time comes to hand the product over to your team, we offer training and maintenance to ensure a smooth transition.

Read more about our Deployment process in our playbook.

Product Growth & Maintenance

The development of a successful product never ends: as more and more users use it, new features and adjustments come.

Using kanban and our proven deployment process, we are able to put code on production very quickly, adjusting the product to new needs on time.

During this phase we monitor the application performance and behavior using tools like New Relic and Sentry, keeping it always in good shape.

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