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Sophilabers Explain Our Values: Work Hard

Our values guide our approach to all our work – they're what drive us to deliver high-quality services, help each other reach ambitious goals, and foster an environment where everyone can grow. Our Playbook begins by stating our core values loud and clear:

In this final installment of our series of posts about our company values, our team members reflect on Work hard. They explain what this value means to them, why it's important, and how sophilabers live this value on a daily basis.

What does it mean to work hard?

For sophilabers, hard work is not just an activity, it's a mindset. It defines our attitude towards major challenges and smaller assignments alike.

It's a way of understanding work, facing everyday tasks with determination and dedication. "Hard work" happens when we feel responsible for the results and understand the positive impact that our involvement produces.
– Victoria Burghi, Talent Manager

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