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How Spending a Day in the Life of a User Helped Us Build a Product that Users Love

It's crucial to make sure we're developing a product that solves problems for users and meets their most pressing needs. A great way to achieve that is by spending time with users in action and pin-pointing the ways a product's features and functionalities can make their tasks easier. Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to do this with one of our clients, and our findings provided invaluable insights that informed the product's development.

About the Client

This client is one of the world's leading biotech companies. Their mission is to serve patients by using science and innovation to develop therapies and medicines. Their sales teams are an integral part of their business, visiting doctors to share product information and distribute samples.

We are working with them to develop Alfred, a voice-commanded virtual assistant for their sales representatives, who spend a lot of time on the road and frequently need to access data from multiple different platforms. This iOS mobile app would allow them to streamline their daily workflows and access all the data they need in one place with a simple spoken question.

Observing a Sales Rep

Last March, the project's Product Manager, Sebasti√°n Sassi, tagged along with a sales representative to see what her typical work day is like. What he observed has allowed us to cater to users' specific needs, anticipating the challenges that sales reps tackle regularly.

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  • Git Fundamentals

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