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Practical Tips for Giving and Receiving Feedback

At sophilabs, software development is a team effort, and we appreciate the diverse perspectives our team members bring to the table. True collaboration requires frequent and honest communication, and our culture of continuous improvement means that feedback is always welcome. However, giving helpful feedback and accepting feedback from your peers are skills that involve constant honing and practice. We decided to share our techniques for the benefit of other teams looking to learn and grow together.

Giving Your Teammates Effective Feedback

Sharing a constructive comment can feel a little tricky, especially when you're not used to giving feedback. Following these tips will help you provide feedback in a way that benefits everyone.

Be timely.

Feedback is most helpful when it's relevant, so don't wait weeks to let your teammate know about a concern. However, if you're addressing a situation that has made you upset, be sure you give yourself some time to cool off so you can approach the issue in a level-headed way.

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