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10 Non-Technical Skills Every Developer Needs

What does it take to excel as a software developer? While knowledge of languages and frameworks is extremely important, outstanding developers aren't great at what they do because of technical proficiency alone. Check out the top ten qualities and skills every developer should hone if they want to take their performance to the next level.

1. A Client-Focused Approach

In order to deliver high-quality software, a developer's primary focus should be to help customers meet their goals. Empathizing with clients allows developers to better understand their needs, which enables developers to build more effective solutions. In addition, great developers recognize that customer feedback is extremely useful, and they look forward to implementing it and improving the product. A savvy developer also has a good sense of business value and prioritizes what is valuable to the client over what may be new or interesting to them as an engineer.

2. A Passion for Software Development

There's a reason one of our core values at sophilabs is "Love your craft." We think when developers love what they do, they are better able to produce quality work and stick with tough problems until they solve them. A developer who is truly dedicated to their craft even spends time working on programming puzzles outside of their job because of the pure joy it gives them to create something new and sharpen their skills with consistent practice.

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