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Building Blocks of an Agile Transformation: Develop & Execute a Framework of Small, Continuous Improvements

In our first blog entry about 'Planning your Journey' from the 'Building Blocks of an Agile Transformation' series, we introduced concepts and elaborated explanations key to Agile philosophy: its core values, principles overview, brief history and most importantly, how being Agile fits within a 'Continuous Improvement' mindset.

Agile, as much as Continuous Improvement, is more of a cultural niche of 'perspectives on how to tackle events', rather than a set of thoroughly defined processes.

That being said, there are many contributing elements an organization should consider agreeing upon prior to developing an Agile transformation roadmap: an Organizational Vision, Mission and high-level strategic goals must be carefully considered so all team members flock around them and push the organization's transformation towards its objectives.

Finally, the organization's current culture & organizational values have to be taken into account in order to understand what the current value-creation practices are and how they yield results in favor of preset goals.

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