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Gilp: A node tool to implement pre-commit and other git hooks over gulp

Git has a lot of hooks for client and server side but the most used and known hook is pre-commit, where you can run some validations (like linters) and cancel a commit if something fails. Gilp is a tool to define (using gulp tasks), install and run hooks.

Why gilp over gulp?

There are 2 main reasons:

  • The regular pre-commit hook managers run using the local file's content instead of git staged content. Gulp comes with vinyl, a virtual file format where we can create an in-memory version of a file to use as content for the tasks. Like gulp.src, we created a new stream provider for that: srcFromStaged. If we need to run the same tools but over a commit, branch or tag instead (e.g. in a CI), you can do it using srcFromCommit without a checkout.

  • Gulp has plenty of plugins ready to use, check here.