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The decision to rebrand wasn’t only about correcting our previous identity or improving our branding. What was more important to us was to effectively change the way in which we present ourselves, and in doing so, also change the way others see sophilabs. Our new logo is intended to convey professionalism, and to be different but accessible (meaning that we’re not superstars, we’re just regular people).

We eagerly started our search to renew our identity with lots of sketches of new forms for the imagotipos, new fonts, and new colors but nothing was working. While they were all ideas that could have worked for the company, full of content, with nice forms, fonts, and colors, none of them were even close to transmitting what we wanted.

Nothing was fitting, and we were getting frustrated. It was time to change our perspective and take a good look at what we really had in our company that could be used on a conceptual level as well as a graphic level. After lots of brainstorming, we came up with five main principles and landed on the phrase:

“Aim high - And encourage everyone else to stand out above the average.”

Inspired, we made a slight tweak to make it more direct:

“Be bold - And encourage everyone else to outstand above the average.”

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