Staff Augmentation

We have extensive experience in staff augmentation and know how to get up to speed quickly in order to deliver tangible business value for your product right away.

How does Staff Augmentation work?

We often receive and accept inquiries to work as a part of other organizations teams. We are happy to join other teams and adopt new practices, conventions, and tools —also giving our insight on improvements— if we feel that we share the same values.

With our wealth of experience and team of talented developers, we can step right in and start making valuable contriubtons from the get-go.

“sophilabs is the booster rocket for my startup. Their work is great and they made my success their goal, so I can focus more on my startup's future.” Jared Chung Jared Chung - Founder and CEO - Career Village
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Dedicated Team

You always work with the same team members who are dedicated to your product. We like to treat products like they are our own, so we focus on adding value to your business as if we were your own staff.

Thorough Hiring Process

We have an extensive hiring process to carefully select our staff plus all the infrastructure required to maintain them. We take care of recruiting, benefits, payroll, and administration while you save money and focus on your product.

Continuous Training

Our developers are constantly training in the newest languages, frameworks, and tools available, so we are confident that we have the expertise you need and can even find new and innovative solutions you might not have thought of before.

Add Value Right Away

Our professional and experienced developers know how to quickly get up to speed on your current code base and start contributing tangible business value to your product from the start.

Abundance of Talent

Our team is highly skilled in several different languages and technologies. Plus with offices in the tech hubs of New York and Montevideo, we're always adding new talent to the team with the skills you need.


We have extensive experience and have worked with teams of different sizes and across various industries who are located all over the world. We know how to adapt to your business needs.

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We are very meticulous about how we work and have spent years perfecting our development process.
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Students are the future. We’re helping them to get in the right path.

CareerVillage uses crowdsourcing to provide personal career guidance to students on a massive scale. We’ve been working diligently on their Django-based platform for the past 5 years in order to expand their functionality and to engage and maintain the active user community that is crucial to the platform's success.

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Timezone Convenience
We're located in a strategic timezone, EST+1, which allows us to work remotely with US teams during normal working hours.
We often visit our customers to plan together and build strong relationships.
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