Brand guidelines

This is just a guide to help you choose the best way to use our brand, please, if you have any doubt on how to use it don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our logo

This is the cornerstone of the sophilabs identity, modern and friendly, while also having a strong presence, being solid, clear, and direct.

The full mark (glyph + wordmark) is our standard version, in most cases this is the right one to use.

Please, don’t edit, distort or change the color of any mark.

In circumstances where the logo will be placed over a dark background you must use the knockout version.

Safety space

Keep a white space surrounding the logo to ensure it works properly. We suggest at least 1x for top and bottom and 1,5x to both sides, using the glyph as the measure of x.

Safety space

Our colors

We keep the color palette simple, use the red color only in some small details, like call to action buttons or links.

Almost black


rgb(24, 34, 36)

Bold red


rgb(255, 67, 58)


We only use lowercase letters to write the brand, please avoid any other written form as Sophilabs, SophiLabs, sophi labs or any strange combination.

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