We've been devleoping high quality software for over 6 years, working with clients from across a variety of industries. With our diverse experience, we've tackled all kinds of challenges, always finding solutions that work and creating products that make a difference.

“At one point there was so much complexity the problem looked intractable. However, the architecture and design choices that sophilabs made at the outset really paid off handsomely” Arvindra Sehmi Arvindra Sehmi - CIO - Oxford Economics

A Wealth of Experience

As a client-focused custom software development company, we've worked on many different ambitious projects around the globe and with customers from a wide spectrum of industries, all the way from Fintech to NGOs, and each one comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Our advantage is not only convenience due to timezone and technical expertise, but also our vast experience in a variety of different industries such as Education, Finance, Logistics, and Healthcare.

Take a look at what we've been building in these different areas and let us know if you'd like to learn more about how our meticulous approach to building great software might be a fit for your needs.

Extracting and Structuring Crucial Data to Ensure Patient Safety

BIKT is a database of adverse side effects from medications that helps healthcare professionals in the Swedish health system prevent harmful drug interactions. We built this API with Flask and run the frontend in React to allow healthcare workers to run quality assurance processes on a constantly changing dataset.

  • +7.5k


  • +500

    Data Updates

  • +50%

    Swedish Market Coverage

Streamlining the User Experience for Optimal Efficiency

Envio360 is the world's first real-time optimization platform for the Drayage Industry that uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to optimize intermodal transport challenges. We built the web portal in Django, which allows users to seamlessly and effortlessly interact with the system and optimize their efficiency.

  • +150


  • +150


  • +100

    Optmization Batch Size

Complex Data Visualization and Analysis in Real Time

Risk Evaluator enables investors to scan economic and political risks so that they can better identify business opportunities. We worked with Oxford Economics and Control Risks to build this comprehensive and innovative platform from the ground up using Node.js and Angular.

  • 190


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    Political Risk Indicators

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    Economical Risk Indicators



We build great software that is visually elegant and performs beautifully. Find out more about the technology stack we use to achieve superb results for your product.

Python / Django

We are experts in Python. With dozens of completed projects and more than 6 years of experience, we're the right choice for your Python or Django needs.


With a proven track record in optimizing, updating, and refactoring diverse Javascript projects from Node.js to React, we can help you maximize your web’s performance.

React Native & Swift

We know you don't always have enough time to dedicate to your mobile app. Our mobile developers are ready to start coding it for you while your team focuses on other important tasks.

Other Industries
This is just the beginning. Check out more of the maintenance and devleopment projects we've been working on for other indsutries not listed here.
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