React shocked the Javascript community with its component based approach and declarative syntax. It makes a great option for writing highly interactive Javascript user interfaces that work both on the server and the client. We combine this awesome new framework with our favorite Javascript tools to create modern, delightful apps.

Pure javascript

React allows us to create Single Page Apps in pure Javascript, in contrast to the more classical approach which includes writing Javascript, HTML, CSS and possibly some HTML templating code that gets processed in the server. While not mandatory, this enables some interesting new approaches to write web apps with a more homogeneous codebase.

React's Guidelines
We try hard to apply and improve our guidelines for the react framework.
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Writing isomorphic Javascript apps with React is supported natively thanks to its virtual DOM, allowing us to write crawlable, SEO-friendly apps without tricks or additional tools.


React gained popularity really fast and led to the creation of several addons and tools by the community. Also, being a library with a simple concise goal (building user interfaces), React can be easily integrated with many existing tools or frameworks. Our traditional stack includes Webpack, Express, Redux (with its many addons), react-router and axios.


Facebook released the React library along with the Flux architecture. While Flux it's not a library itself, many libraries implementing this pattern have arised with Redux being our choice.

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